Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Got Forks?

It was an average Tuesday night. My Mom left my house after our Summer Bible Study around 9pm. I always watch her get into her car to make sure she’s not abducted and all that good stuff. All was well. Jason comes home from Youth Group at 10pm and is furious! He asked “Did you see it?”

Alarmed I asked “see what?”

He led me to our front door and what a sight! Our entire front yard was covered with plastic forks, knives, and spoons stuck into the ground. Every square inch was covered! I was so shocked because I had been in the house the entire time it was going on! Upon further inspection we found little homemade signs taped to the garage and our lamppost. The high school seniors graduated from Youth Group the week before and were unable to return. Since they had nothing to do with themselves on Tuesday nights, this is how some of the girls chose to pass the time. They also included signs of Jesus hugging Jason “JB and Jesus = Best Friends”. There was another sign featuring Jesus on a flowery hill. It said “Forking is a sign of love! Only fork with those you love!” (I've taken some pictures, but I can't find the cord thingy to put them in the computer. I'll get Jason to help me later.)

I secretly thought it was pretty hilarious and was enjoying the surprise, but Jason was NOT relishing the idea of cleaning it all up! By the next morning he had come around and also thought it was pretty funny. He knew his Mom HAD to have played a large role in this fiasco and he insisted she help with the cleanup and, she was glad to.

One thing I was a little worried about is what the neighbors would think since we only moved in a few months ago and in that time Jason had already dyed his hair hot pink as an incentive for the kids to raise money for 30 Hour Famine. He had to mow the lawn with that hair! We did hear from a few of the neighbors about the forking and the interpretations were so varied and interesting, I’m sort of scared to know what other people thought of.

One lady walking her dog the next morning simply said to me “Boy! Someone must love you!” I explained to her about my husband being a Youth Pastor and she just laughed.

Our next door neighbor was like “What the hell!? What kind of friends do that? That sucks man!” He said this as Jason was cleaning it up.

Now it gets really interesting. A sweet older lady from across the street came over to get a closer look. From a distance, she had thought they were little crosses like some of the displays by Catholic Churches to symbolize lives lost through abortion. Jason explained it wasn’t NEARLY so controversial or heavy, just silliness and fun.

Another woman walking her dog WEEKS after this happened stopped in front of our house to address us as we sat on the porch swing. She said “I was just wondering about the display in your yard a few weeks ago. I’m a writer and I’m always on the lookout for interesting stories, what did they represent?” We told her how it simply represented a group of silly girls with some silly Moms having a silly time at our expense.

Overall, it was really fun and entertaining. I have to learn not to care so much what other people think. We are who we are, we live how we live and I happen to be very happy! Jason’s job brings its challenges, but also lots of fun things that keep us young.

The girls told us we had to recycle the forks and pass it on. We politely declined and returned the plastic ware to them for “recycling”.


  • At 10:49 PM , Anonymous rustypants said...

    that's awesome!

    we have spooned many people over the years in a show of love and the reactions are usually wonderful. one thing we always offered was a cleanup service either the next day or at some later time.

    a good friend of ours who introduced us to spooning a good 13 years ago, told us about one elderly couple that his youth group spooned - thousands of spoons in the yard, along with a sign telling them they were loved, etc. - earl said that when they offered to come the next day and clean up, the couple told them "certainly not!" - they were so touched by it that they wanted it to stay in the yard so they and their neighbors could see it over and over.

    ain't it nice to be loved like that?

  • At 10:31 PM , Blogger MrsSpock said...

    I would have loved to see the look on your faces! They should have hidden across the street and taken pictures when you came out...

  • At 9:48 AM , Blogger Tennessee Mama Duck said...

    I love it! This is hilarious! I'm so glad you had such a sense of humor! I think it is so funny that you were in the house the whole time! It had to be so hard for them to be quiet and not giggle like crazy while they were doing the decorating!! Ha!

  • At 9:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm jealous!! I wanna get forked!!! I love that Rusty said those other people didn't want it cleaned up...that's sweet.



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