Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Day of Refreshing

On Saturday, March 25th I attended a women's ministry event entitled "A Day of Refreshing". I signed up to go because I've always enjoyed women's ministry events in the past but I didn't have any expectations for the day except maybe for something to blog about. There was certainly lots to blog about and I will do so over the next week or so.

I came with my heart numb and broken. My relationship with God was in shambles as I felt betrayed by Him and unable to trust Him for going on 2 years. Little did I know that God had arranged for several divine appointments that day that would heal my heart and lead me back into his loving arms. Just like in the story of the prodigal son, He was waiting for me and ran to me and took me in His arms and forgave me and celebrated me.

We started with breakfast, music, a skit that thoroughly moved me and then climaxed by pissing me off, a speaker and then a 10 minute break to go potty, stretch, get a drink etc. During the break we were instructed to hug 5 strangers. I sat in my seat and toyed with the idea. I didn't really care one way or another and I hadn't decided whether I was going to obey or not. Then a sweet older lady came up and asked for a hug and I reciprocated. She was teary eyed and told me how she's been really depressed and her friend invited her to church the last week and she really felt at home there. That was a nice,easy, safe conversation. 1 hug down.

My sister came back from the bathroom and together we tag teamed 3 other women for hugs. 4 hugs down.. one to I want to go there... haven't I done enough? A pleasant looking black woman in the back pew caught my eye. I approached her and said "Can I get a hug?"

With a big smile she joyfully said "Of course!"

I leaned in for my hug and said "That makes 5" and then I moved to pull away but she held on tight. I sort of tensed up and thought "now what?"

and then she started to pray over me....a simple prayer......"Bless her Father, oh bless her, Bless her Jesus, thank you Jesus." She held on for a little longer. By then I was fully committed to the hug. She was large and warm and smelled good and wanted to love on me and I let her even though I had nothing to give her in return.

It touched me, not to the point of tears because my heart was still hard but it was softening. That was just the beginning of an amazing day where God restored the joy of my salvation. I do know that God answered her prayer.


  • At 7:44 AM , Blogger ceen_marie said...

    Doesn't God totally do that with us? Aren't we like 'We should be close to you, God, so we're gonna spend a little time with You.' Definately not expecting anything deep or meaningful to come of it...but then, Jesus goes and edges his way around, then into our heart. Then He stands there before us with a gleaming, welcoming presence that practically screams 'I love you so much!' and eyes that are mesmerizing and a touch that makes us feel safe all around and we're hooked. Reeled in. Wonderful. I am thankful for this awesome lady for you. I'd like to meet her someday. Or even observe her. That's awesome. I wish I could've been at the retreat, but I had a wedding shower for my friend.

  • At 8:18 AM , Blogger Tennessee Mama said...

    Oh, Jen! You have me in tears! That is so awesome! As I leave today for a women's conference, I pray that I will be renewed as you have been!

    Were you able to tell her later how much that meant?

    I love you!


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